Jake Peters

How Surprisingly Good Support Wins Us Customers

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At HelpDocs we’re kinda great at customer support. If you’ve ever sent us a support request (or just a hello) you’ll have seen this yourself. Almost all our chats are replied to within 30 waking minutes. Usually way quicker. It’s safe to say our customers love our support. And our software of course. But mostly our support. 🤓 In fact, our support’s so good we get messages like this every day: Wow! The quality & speed of your support leave me speechless, really! :-) Come for the knowledge base, stay for the support. Often, though, people...

Cori Morris

Creating a Culture Where Everyone Does Support

Cori Morris on

At Front, we’re passionate about helping companies communicate better. Thousands of teams use Front’s shared inbox platform for customer support that feels friendly and personal, with the powerful features of a help desk working behind the scenes. With Front powering great support teams around the world, it’s ironic that after our first three years, we hadn’t hired a single customer support rep. Our engineers and CEO were managing every request themselves. The benefit—and cost—of a distributed team With half the team in France and half in the US, Front had the benefit of being...

Jarratt Isted

Moving Past the Ticket Number: Having Conversations with Customers

Jarratt Isted on

"Hello Jarratt", a faceless agent from Acme Corp Customer Support replied in an email thread. "Thank you for providing that information and for working with us through the troubleshooting process". Once again, there I was dealing with a large company and their inadequate customer support. Ticket 593571. Poor customer support bothers me. It bothers me because it's not difficult to be amazing at it. We're all naturally talented at being human. It's the one thing we're all great at. So what's with the canned responses? And the lack of conversation? And the desire for everyone to close their tickets as...

Jake Peters

Create Better Knowledge Base Articles by Using the Magic of GIFs

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Customer support has evolved in recent times. People want to serve themselves, rather than fill out a form to get in touch. When was the last time you phoned a company to get in touch with their customer support? I’m sure it was far too recently. While live chat is making a positive difference for startups like us, big brands still rely heavily on freephone schemes which require massive call centers and a ton of money. Their customer support is broken because the thoughts of long telephone calls with operators make millennials like me squirm. These days, people have...